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Don't be led up the garden path

Getting Started

New to web site hosting? Not sure of what's involved? That's ok.. we're here to help. Below is a simple summary of what you need to do to get a web site online.

Step 1 - Design your Web Site

What will be on your web site? An online catalogue? Product specifications? Music? Fun & games? Before you put a web site online you must know what you want on it and then have it designed.

We can design your web site exactly as you imagine it. Bring us your ideas and we can turn them into reality. Or, if you have no idea what you should have on your web site, we can brainstorm the creative content for you! We believe anything is possible.

Step 2 - Register a Domain Name

A domain name (or web address) is what people type in their web browser to go to your web site. For example, www.yourcompany.com or www.yourservice.com. For Australian businesses it is recommended a .com.au name is registered, although a .com will work just as well.

This step is often integral with step 1 as the domain name is often reflected in the site design.

Step 3 - Sign Up for Hosting

For your web site to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it needs to be stored on a computer (server) that is always connected to the internet. For a small monthly fee OnTheWeb.com.au provides you with storage space on safe and reliable servers.

Step 4 - Upload Your Site

'Uploading' is the process of sending your web site files from your computer to our 'always on' servers (your little place on the web). Once you have uploaded your site people will be able to view it by typing in your domain name / web address.

If you use our Web Design Service to create your web site we will do this step for you. If you have your web site designed elsewhere but still want to use OnTheWeb.com.au to host your web site, we can assist you in uploading your site.

That's it!

That's all there is to getting your web site online! Sure, in practice there is a little more detail involved, but we will help you every step of the way.

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